Andersen Windows & Doors has a product offering for many different project needs and wants. With six different Andersen lines to choose from at Maui Windows and Doors, there is something for every project.

Our consultants can help you determine which Andersen product may be right for you. With Andersen Windows being one of the largest window and door manufactures in the world, it is a brand many recognize and ask for by name.

Choose among the Andersen Family of Products:

We are proud to be an Andersen Circle of Excellence Dealer. As such, we offer the full line of the Andersen Architectural Collection. This includes specifically designed products to meet the needs of a wide variety of architectural styling.

“A- Series”

This product line offers a unique exterior frame made of Andersen’s proprietary material ‘Fibrex’ which is a composite of ingredients from recycled wood with added resins.  A sash of fiberglass is ideal to conform with glass and assure longevity of the glazing.  On the interior, you have the choice of a number of beautiful wood species and hardware choices. Paired with a contemporary or more traditional home, the beauty, energy efficiency, and flexibility of sizes from Andersen’s “A-Series” is a great option.


Known for their versatile components, low maintenance exteriors, and classic interior options. Over a dozen wood interior species are paired with over 50 exterior aluminum cladding color choices to give you a real variety of stunning combinations to suit many looks and styles. The “E-Series” product line also has the patented “Verilock” Integrated Security Sensors in operable windows and doors. Verilock sensors give you the option of Professional or Self home security options, plus too many other features to list.

“400- Series”

Is Andersen’s mainstay product line having been in the market for decades. With a variety of standard and custom sizes to choose from, 400 Series comes in a handful of colors and wood interiors and offers new construction and retrofit capable frames.

Andersen’s Narrowline and Frenchwood sliding and swinging doors provide the perfect balance of engineered door systems for quality and performance at a price point that satisfies most budgets.

“100- Series”

This product line is made of a proprietary composite material and is a great vinyl- alternative. 100- Series windows are display alongside the other options from Andersen in our showroom. To learn more about an all Fibrex window and have an option from Andersen without a wood interior, contact us today. 100-Series products are strong, durable, and low maintenance. An excellent choice for peace of mind, and a clean, great looking window.

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