LaCantina Doors is a pioneer in the design and application of doors that open spaces. If you have the desire for seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor areas, look no further than LaCantina.

LaCantina’s doors are not only visually appealing but built to last and remain sturdy. Each door type is unique to every layout and end use. Choose from sliding exterior doors, swing doors, French doors, bi-folding, and hidden/pocketing or stacking multi-slide doors.


The LaCantina folding door system is what we are renowned to have perfected. As a pioneer in folding door systems LaCantina sets the standard for style, function and performance. Using the highest quality rolling hardware and robust panel and frame designs, our systems provide smooth and effortless operation unmatched by other large opening door systems. With the ability to span any size opening, multiple configurations and options to meet the demands of any project, a LaCantina folding and bifold door system is the perfect choice.

Swing Doors

Swing Doors have never been such a feature in the home. Utilizing heavy duty, architectural stainless steel hinges and our robust door panels engineered for taller and wider openings, our new swing doors create more space than typical single and French doors. Our signature narrow stile and rail swing doors perfectly match our Folding and Multi Slide systems to create all-around balance and symmetry; the ideal solution for a complete door package.



LaCantina Doors has created a new class of multi slide door by combining the preferred features of performance, strength and symmetry of a high end lift & slide door system and the functionality and value of a multi slide. Our new class of multi slide provides optimal aesthetics and performance.

Our panel design, engineered to the demands of a folding system, adapt perfectly to a more robust and unmatched sliding door. With the same clean minimal designs as our folding systems, our matching narrow stiles and low profile rails that incorporate our custom high performance roller assembly mean symmetry and style are never compromised. Our new multi slide door system underwent extensive air/water and structural testing, with results far exceeding the industry standards that are typical of multi slide products.

Offering the same brand promise of innovation, performance, value and quality, our new class of multi slide is a perfect match to our folding and swing doors for the complete door package.


LaCantina Doors’ screening systems were the first to be designed specifically to complement large openings. LaCantina Doors offers a choice of pleated and non-pleated integrated screening solutions to ensure you never have to compromise your experience with the outdoors.

Our pleated screen offers a simple yet robust solution to protect your home from insects or debris, and as an added filter between you and the outdoors. Our non-pleated screen provides greater transparency so you never have to compromise your views. The blind option provides complete privacy and improves energy efficiency by deflecting harmful UV rays and reducing heat transfer.

Any large opening would be well-suited to incorporate a LaCantina Doors integrated screening system. Adding a screening solution will allow you to keep your doors open more often increasing fresh air.

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