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There are windows that are more expensive. But none are more impressive.

Hurd offers the world’s most energy efficient window, the best wood protection in the industry, the longest wood window warranty, and a supreme selection of options, colors and design choices. For the past 90 years, Wisconsin-based Hurd Windows and Doors has made the highest quality windows and doors by hand. Proud of the highly rated performance and look that comes from their handmade products, Hurd is a market leader known for its innovations in Fusion Technology, UV Protection, and Shatter-resistant glass.

11 Reasons to Choose Hurd

1. The Longest Warranty In The Business

Thanks to the high performance of Hurd’s CoreGuard wood treatment and their superior product quality, Hurd offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for residential use. Significantly, they are the only company with the confidence to give you lifetime protection on residential wood windows and patio doors. This fact alone speaks volumes about the solid durability and long-term dependability of Hurd products.

2. The Most Energy Efficient Window in the World

Hurd’s next great advancement in windows, Hurd Ultra-R, utilizes advanced, coated films suspended inside a premium low-E unit to create as many as four super-insulating, gas-filled cavities. Ultra-R glazing achieves the highest center of glass insulation values in the window industry—from an impressive R-6 for their standard single film, argon-filled unit, all the way to an unprecedented R-20 for the custom triple film, krypton-filled techno-wonder. Ultra-R glazing uses Heat Mirror technology, invented at MIT. Popular Science magazine included it on its list of “The Top 100 Inventions Of The Millennium.” The R-20 costs a bit more, but even Hurd’s standard windows are highly energy-efficient.

3. The Best Wood Protection in the Industry

The wood in Hurd windows & patio doors is protected to the very core by CoreGuard which is the best wood treatment in the window industry—and only Hurd has it. CoreGuard actually penetrates through the entire cross-section of wood. As a result, our all-wood and clad wood windows are nearly as rot-proof as vinyl, shrug off insects like aluminum, and are warmer than both of them. CoreGuard is patented, proven, naturally organic, and environmentally friendly.

4. The Most Innovative Window of the Year

Meet the high-tech, mid-priced H3. It’s so advanced that Window & Door magazine named it “The Most Innovative Window” of the year. The H3 features Fusion Technology™, Hurd’s exclusive construction process that integrates three ideal components (extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood) into one superb window. This results in greater energy efficiency, upscale aesthetics, and a remarkably advanced window.

5. Uncompromising Construction

Hurd windows and patio doors are designed and built to give you year after year of worry-free performance, durability and beauty. We build them with careful attention to detail, superb craftsmanship and innovative engineering. Still building products by hand, they use the newest technology and state-of-the-art construction techniques.

6. A Broader Selection of Glazing Options

Introducing the Hurd Eco System™. It’s the Ecological, Economical way to fine-tune your windows for optimal performance. They realize that the best glazing for a Minneapolis winter is not necessarily the best glazing for a Miami summer. So the Eco System gives you more glazing options than other window companies, and lets you choose exactly the right performance glass for your exact weather conditions. Hurd’s Eco System will help you improve your energy efficiency and cut your energy bills. You can capture the sun’s heat, or reflect it. You can also reduce outside noise, block the sun’s damaging UV rays, enhance your privacy, or even resist the wrath of a hurricane.

7. Double-Thick, Extra Heavy-Duty, Extruded Aluminum Cladding

You could get by with cheaper—some of Hurd’s competitors go that route. The exterior of Hurd aluminum clad wood windows and patio doors is fully encased in .05” extruded aluminum cladding. It’s at least twice as thick as their competitors’ roll-form cladding which makes Hurd’s aluminum clad windows tougher, stronger, more durable, and more dent-resistant. Nobody gives you more color choices than Hurd. Their 15 standard cladding colors were selected to enhance almost any home design. They also offer five extra-durable anodized aluminum finishes with no costly setup charges, and they’ll custom match any color you can imagine. Hurd uses use zero-VOC, AAMA 2604 powder paints that are heat-cured for a tougher finish.

8. The Warmth & Beauty of Real Wood

Hurd helps you warm every room in your home with the natural beauty of wood. Choose from nine gorgeous hardwoods—or any workable species—so your windows can perfectly match your cabinets and trim.

9. A Wealth of Designer Choices

Hurd helps you warm every room in your home with the natural beauty of wood. Choose from nine gorgeous hardwoods—or any workable species—so your windows can perfectly match your cabinets and trim. It’s totally up to you. Hurd gives you plenty of ways to personalize your windows. You can choose from 15 standard cladding colors, charming grilles in a variety of designs, designer hardware in up to 11 décor-matching finishes, unlimited combinations of window styles & sizes, unique window shapes, select wood species, or even one-of-a-kind leaded glass designs.

10. A Great Product for Every Need

Whether you’re building or remodeling, adding on, or simply replacing some drafty, old windows, Hurd has jsut what you’re looking for.

11. Nearly 100 Years of Proven Performance

Yes, almost of century of delivering premium windows and doors to customers like you.

Products We carry from Hurd

Hurd products are divided between New Construction Windows & Doors and Replacement Windows & Doors, as described below.

New Construction Windows & Doors

Aluminum Clad Windows & Patio Doors

Beautiful wood inside. Weatherproof, maintenance-free, aluminum cladding outside. It’s the perfect combination. Our wood is select pine, or you can upgrade to one of eight other species. Our double thick cladding comes in every color you can think of.

All-Wood Windows & Patio Doors

For truly distinctive homes, you can’t beat the timeless elegance of Hurd all-wood windows and patio doors. Like all our products, long-term durability is ensured by CoreGuard, the best wood treatment in the window industry.

H3 High-Tech, Mid-Priced Windows

The H3 is Hurd’s mid-priced window. Recently named “The most innovative window of the year.” It features advanced energy efficiency and superior quality. With its inventive Fusion Technology™, the H3 integrates three components, (extruded aluminum, vinyl, and solid wood) into one perfect window.

FeelSafe Hurricane-Resistant Windows & Patio Doors

Our hurricane-resistant windows. FeelSafe windows and patio doors feature high-strength, shatter-resistant glass, plus “extreme” engineering and construction. They stand up to the fiercest storm and the most determined burgler.

Superseal Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

Vinyl windows with Hurd DNA. Superseal products are made right in our Hurd manufacturing facility. So they offer many of the same features and design options as on Hurd’s top-of-the-line wood windows and patio doors.

Replacement Windows & Doors

Introduction to Transcend Replacement Windows

Whether you’re replacing, renovating or rebuilding, Hurd has exactly what you’re looking for. Our Transcend replacement windows and patio doors make it easy to upgrade to the premium performance, unsurpassed beauty and superior energy efficiency of Hurd. More Information

Transcend Double Hung Sash Replacement System

If your old double hung window frames are still in good condition, the least expensive way to switch to new, energy-efficient windows is with a Transcend double hung sash replacement kit. Sized to fit your existing opening, it installs very easily – without removing your current frame, sill or trim. More Information

Transcend H3 Insert Windows

Fully assembled, the H3 insert window is sized to slide right into the existing sash pocket of your old double hung. It’s a better way to replace your worn out sash without tearing out your old windows. More Information

Transcend Full Frame Replacement

If your project involves a full-frame tear out, a new addition, or an all-new window design, we offer a nearly limitless range of operating styles shapes and decorator choices to match every taste and every home. More Information

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