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Andrew Keenan

Founder and CEO

Andrew Keenan, Founder and Owner of Maui Windows and Doors, was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, and can tell you stories of how as a child he built a working sailboat and a hand crank elevator for his tree house. After attending the University of Colorado and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Structural Engineering, he moved to Seattle for 10 years to work as an engineer.

Worthy of note, as a structural engineer, Keenan worked on multi-million dollar projects, including a swing bridge over the Suez canal (at the time, it was the world’s largest and heaviest moveable structure).

In 2000, Andrew moved to Maui and opened a construction company. As a contractor, he struggled to find companies that could provide a quick turnaround on estimates or the support needed to ensure a well-organized delivery of products. He dreamed of owning his own company that could provide a level of customer service rivaled only by the excellence of the products sold.

In mid-2014, Keenan leveraged his successful experience and created Maui Windows and Doors. “We are so excited to channel our passion for the building materials business into this new venture, Maui Windows and Doors. It’s our dream to be the best and most comprehensive windows and doors specialists in Hawaii for our professional and homeowner customers. It’s that simple,” Keenan said.


Trisha Egge

Vice President

Trisha Egge first collaborated professionally with Andrew Keenan in 2007 when she was in quality control with general contractor Ledcor Group and working on the 5 Star, $800 million Honua Kai Resort project in Kaanapali, Maui. Like Andrew, Trisha had been engaged in construction and renovation work for many years.

Recognizing the collaborative possibilities of combining their experience and skills, Trisha joined Andrew’s team in 2009. She worked with new vendors, oversaw the order and delivery process, and elevated customer service to a high level.

As Vice President, Trisha says she is extremely pleased and excited about the product range at Maui Windows and Doors and the outlook for the new store. “We aim to provide for our customers’ needs more professionally and proactively than anyone else,” she said.

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